In Nebraska, criminal offenses are charged as either a felony or misdemeanor. Felony crimes are the most severe offenses and are divided into 10 classes that can result in serious penalties, including long prison sentences.

A criminal defense attorney can represent your interests if you are facing felony allegations. A Bellevue felony lawyer at Berry Law could defend you against serious criminal allegations and will help you navigate the process. Our attorneys have experience defending clients facing a variety of felony charges.

Local Courts

The majority of federal criminal offenses result in an arrest and a required court appearance. The first court appearance or preliminary hearing is where the defendant hears their rights, and the judge may specify a bond amount necessary to be released from jail, if applicable. In Bellevue, the defendant’s first court appearance will likely take place at the Sarpy County Criminal Court.

The courts have limited jurisdiction and only handle matters involving ordinance violations, traffic infractions, and misdemeanor criminal proceedings. After the initial court visit, the case is transferred to the 2nd District Court, where the defendant has a right to a speedy trial within six months.

Federal Criminal Penalties Imposed in Bellevue

There are several penalties imposed on those convicted of a felony offense in Bellevue. The State’s sentencing guidelines for felony convictions are as follows:

  • Class I – death penalty
  • Class IA – life in prison
  • Class IB –20 years to life in prison
  • Class IC – maximum of 50 years in prison
  • Class ID – 3 to 50 years in prison
  • Class II – 1 to 50 years in prison
  • Class IIA – up to 20 years in prison
  • Class III – up to four years in prison with post-release supervision and a maximum fine of $25,000
  • Class IIIA – up to three years in prison with post-release supervision and a maximum fine of $10,000
  • Class IV – up to two years in prison with post-release supervision and a maximum fine of $10,000

People convicted of felonies who are sentenced to one year or less in prison are generally housed in a county jail facility with longer sentences served in a state correctional facility.

The courts may sentence felons to a period of probation of up to five years. This option allows the offender to remain in the community while remaining under court supervision and specific rules. Courts will often sentence offenders to probation in place of imprisonment or a combination of both known as post-release supervision.

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Felony criminal convictions can result in harsh consequences. Additionally, having a felony conviction on your record can result in other long-term ramifications that may limit your potential employment opportunities and housing options.

If you were recently arrested and charged with a felony offense, you should consult with a lawyer who regularly defends against criminal allegations. An experienced Bellevue felony lawyer can provide the steadfast legal representation you need to achieve a positive outcome in your case. Call Berry Law today to get started.

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