There is no single criminal offense known as fraud under state or federal law. Instead, this term refers to a whole category of criminal offenses, each involving some form of deception to unlawfully obtain the assets of another person or entity. Local fraud cases are often complex and routinely involve complicated financial transactions stemming from a genuine misunderstanding between two parties with a fiduciary relationship.

If you are facing fraud charges, a dedicated criminal defense attorney at Berry Law can work to prove that the allegations against you are a misunderstanding. A Bellevue fraud lawyer at Berry Law can protect your interests and help you fight your charges.

State Fraud Laws

Given how broad the crime of fraud is, there are many offenses that could qualify under state law. An attorney at Berry Law  can determine whether your situation warrants fraud charges based on the available evidence. Some of the most common fraud offenses in Bellevue include:

  • Insurance fraud
  • Bad checks
  • Identity fraud
  • Issuing a false financial statement
  • Unauthorized use of a financial transaction device

Each of these offenses carries potentially devastating consequences upon conviction. The right legal representative can assist in getting your charges reduced or dropped entirely.

Potential Defenses in a Bellevue Fraud Case

Because state law defines fraud very broadly, there are many potential defenses that could apply in your case. Because each type of fraud carries a different set of elements, the viable defense strategies will vary. For this reason, it is important to speak with a local defense lawyer before settling on a court-appointed attorney in a criminal fraud case.

Lack of Intent

One thing all fraud offenses share is intent. Fraud cannot occur accidentally, which means an acquittal is necessary if the state cannot demonstrate an intent to defraud someone else. Evidence that the alleged fraudulent activity was made in good faith or was an honest mistake could result in an acquittal of fraud charges.

Insufficient Evidence

Ultimately, it is the duty of the state prosecutor to prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. If it is unclear whether they have met this duty, the best defense could center on highlighting those deficiencies. Exploiting weaknesses in the prosecutor’s case can be made easier with the professional help and guidance of an attorney who has litigated cases similar to yours.


Some potentially fraudulent transactions are not criminal acts at all. If the alleged victim of fraud consented to the transaction it is not considered fraud. It is worth noting that an alleged victim must be fully aware of the nature of the transaction. Using deception to coerce a person into a financial arrangement is considered fraudulent.

Reach out to a Bellevue Fraud Lawyer Today

Despite the consequences of a conviction, it is important to keep in mind that fraud allegations are defensible. With a careful review of your case, an attorney at Berry Law can determine the best defense strategy for your situation.

Let a Bellevue fraud lawyer help you obtain a favorable outcome. To learn more about your options, schedule a confidential case evaluation with Berry Law right away.

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