A conviction for bribery could have life-altering consequences for you and your family. In addition to steep fines and prison time, a felony conviction on your permanent record could significantly harm your professional reputation. Fortunately, an experienced fraud attorney can work to get your charges reduced or dismissed altogether

A Bellevue bribery lawyer will work to achieve the best possible outcome in your case. The legal team at Berry Law can fight for an acquittal at trial or even the dismissal of all charges. Reach out to our firm today to speak with one of our aggressive trial lawyers about your case.

Bribery Offenses in Bellevue

The state details its bribery laws under Nebraska Revised Statutes Section 28-917. According to this statute, it is unlawful to offer, propose, or consent to offer an item of value to a public official or peace officer in an attempt to influence his or her official duties.

These duties could involve making a specific decision related to their position. Alternatively, a duty might consist of the action or inaction while carrying out their official duties.

Bribing a Witness in a Court Proceeding

According to Nebraska Revised Statute Section 28-918, it is unlawful to bribe a witness in a court proceeding. This includes proposing or providing something of value to a witness to convince him or her to provide false testimony or not testify at all. This statute targets not only the person giving the bribe but the individual accepting it as well. As bribery laws can be difficult to interpret, it’s best to speak with a lawyer in Bellevue who can help you understand your charges.

State vs. Federal Charges

It’s worth noting that state authorities don’t prosecute all bribery offenses. In many cases, the federal government charges the accused person. The details surrounding the alleged bribe will determine whether federal or state prosecutors handle the case.

When an alleged bribe involves a state or local official, the case typically falls to state prosecutors. Attempting to bribe federal officials, including law enforcement officers, elected officials, or federal judges, is illegal under 18 United States Code Section 201, and federal prosecutors would handle the case.

An experienced and courageous attorney can defend you against bribery allegations, regardless of whether you were charged in State or Federal court. An aggressive defense attorney could work to achieve a favorable outcome in either jurisdiction.

Penalties Upon Conviction

State law classifies bribery offenses as Class IV felonies. Though a Class IV felony is the least severe type of felony, you shouldn’t take these charges lightly.

If convicted, an individual could face up to two years in state prison, followed by an additional year of post-release supervision. A conviction also carries a maximum fine of $10,000. A relentless attorney can fight to limit the harsh penalties of a bribery conviction and safeguard your personal and professional reputation.

A Bellevue Bribery Attorney Can Fight for You

If the state or federal government charged you with bribery, you have the right to a strong defense. An attorney’s ability to investigate the accusations and identify the weakness of the evidence against you can bolster your case.

A Bellevue bribery lawyer will assist you in every aspect of your defense. Call Berry Law right away to set up a confidential consultation.

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