Many of the attorneys at Berry Law are former or retired military service members who understand the unique sacrifices and life experiences that shape the men and women in our country’s armed forces. They also understand some of the negative outcomes, and how the post-service experience can leave Veterans feeling lost or without purpose when they return to civilian life. 

That is why we are proud sponsors of this year’s 7th Annual Big Red Challenge, whose mission is to provide support for Veterans in their transition to civilian life through challenge, service, and community. The Big Red Challenge is more than just a race: the 7K route will have approximately 20 unique obstacles such as Save Your Buddy, Ammo Resupply, and Ranger Up.

The race brings together servicemembers, Veterans, and civilians to challenge themselves and celebrate the warrior spirit. Each obstacle is specifically designed to simulate an actual combat skill, resulting in a course that will both push your limits and give a sense of the type of training our service members experience.

The Big Red Challenge Expo will take place on June 12, 2021, in the Railyard (350 Canopy St, Lincoln, NE 68508). The Big Red Challenge, the Veteran/Active Duty, and the Firefighter/EMT/Police 7Ks will all begin at 9:10 AM. There is also a Lil Red Challenge, which is roughly a mile long and begins at 8:00 AM for children between five and eleven years old. Registration for the Big Red Challenge costs $65, the Firefighter/EMT/Police 7K costs $35, and the Veteran/Active Duty 7K and the Lil Red Challenge both cost $20. The registration cost will increase after May 21, 2021. 

All runners will get a t-shirt and dog tags as well as a finisher medal. There will be an Expo before and after the race, which is a great opportunity to get to know other Veterans and learn about veteran organizations in the community. The Expo will run until 2:00 pm. 

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