Sex Offense Trial Ends with Probation

When the average person hears that someone has been accused of a sex crime against a minor, their first reaction is to scowl or shake their head. This is unfair, as it indicates that they are already assuming the accused is guilty, despite not knowing any evidence surrounding the case. When our client, Gary (name has been changed for privacy reasons), came to our Lincoln criminal defense attorneys looking for protection against charges of third-degree sexual assault and child molestation, we knew we had to really be at the top of our game. After all, it was going to be an uphill battle just to get the judge and jury to look beyond their automatic biases.

Fair Treatment in the Eyes of the Law

From the beginning, we knew that Gary was not a repeat offender or a sexual deviant. From his statements, it appeared that he only intended to practice massage techniques on the alleged female accuser, who was 10 or 11 at the time – the accusation involved an incident that occurred about four years ago. Using our persuasiveness in court, we managed to get everyone to see him in a fair light and review the case as the evidence presented it, not with a harsh bias.

In the end, we managed to secure him a sentence of only three years of probation for his alleged actions, as well as several hours of community service. Without our professional counsel, he could have faced extensive jail time, high fines, and registry to a list of sex offenders, ruining his reputation for the rest of his life. We and our client are quite satisfied with the result, given the circumstances of his case.

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