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On behalf of Berry Law posted in Drug Charges on Wednesday, January 15, 2014.

Some residents of Lincoln may have noticed recently that the battle against drugs has picked up, resulting in more drug-related arrests across the state. When it comes to the drug charges that are a result of these arrests, the potential consequences can be heavy and permanently damaging.

One Lincoln County man might be facing those charges and quite a few more. This is the result of a traffic stop which has landed the man in jail. 22.5 Loritabs, drug paraphernalia and over 39 grams of marijuana were reportedly found when the car was searched. It was also reported that the marijuana was individually bagged at the time of the man’s arrest. The car was reportedly weaving in and out of traffic, which was the reason he was pulled over.

The charges that the man is faced with include possession of drug paraphernalia, driving without a license, possession with the intent to deliver, and driving under the influence as well as possession and the intent to distribute a Schedule II drug. It is unknown if he will be facing a fine or jail sentence should he be found guilty in court. It is also unknown when his court date will be, but he is currently being held in jail.

While DUI charges can be bad enough on their own, adding other charges to that can make the consequences even more difficult to shoulder. This is why anyone facing similar charges might benefit from the aid of an attorney who has experience with drug-related cases.

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