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Lincoln citizens may have heard of the recent rash of drug charges that many are facing. The drug in specific is marijuana, which still remains illegal in Nebraska despite its legalization in several other states. Due to some surrounding states being among the legalized states, the number of arrests could become problematic.

A recent increase in marijuana-related arrests may be what prompted the renewed desire for some to bring this topic to light. While there are some who argue against marijuana legalization and others who believe that there will always be factions against it, there are others who think that just talking about the issue would do a lot of good. The largest complaint is that lawmakers are ignoring the topic despite the fact that marijuana related issues have been a hot button in many other states recently.

Due to the illegal status of marijuana in Nebraska, many traffickers are arrested and many people who smoke marijuana also face arrests and charges that are sometimes on par with much harsher drug charges, such as cocaine or heroin. Until more officials believe that there is reason to bring the issue to debate, there is a chance that it might continue to be ignored and that marijuana related arrests may continue to spike.

Due to this, marijuana possession is still illegal drug possession with the same heavy consequences involved. Until further discussion is initiated, anyone who is currently facing marijuana related charges may benefit from the aid of an attorney with experience in drug related fields.

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