Berry Law awarded Criminal Defense Law Firm of the Year in Nebraska

Berry Law has been selected by Global Law Experts as the 2018 Criminal Defense Law Firm of the Year in Nebraska.

This award is allocated solely on merit and recognizes leaders in the respective field. Following open voting and external nominations from the extensive user base of Global Law Experts, a research team at Global Law Experts comb through evidence to determine those who will be awarded.

This comprehensive selection process ensures that the awards are a true representation of the market and that the winners are credible, professional and diverse.

Since 2010, the Global Law Experts annual awards have been celebrating innovation and performance across the legal communities from around the world. The awards are broken down first by region and then into wider categories, ensuring that every firm has a fair chance based on merit not size – from local to global, boutique to full-service.

Global Law Experts (GLE) now is the only organisation to recommend just one legal expert in each key practice area and country, now with over 2,000 lawyers from 140 countries in over 50 practice areas. This is done to avoid repetition, competition and extensive comparative research when selecting external legal counsel.

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