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When it comes to the Lincoln area, drug crimes are treated very seriously. The drug charges that anyone who breaks these laws might face are heavy and can include fines and jail time. Even with such penalties in place, there are still some who distribute drugs and face the consequences later.

This is the case with one Lincoln man, who was recently indicted on drug charges. The charges included three sales of cocaine near a playground or school area. The penalties for his potential conviction include a $437 forfeiture sought by the government. There is also potential jail time involved, with seven years being the lowest amount of time and life being the highest.

He was caught after allegedly selling 2.8 grams of crack cocaine to an undercover officer over a period of time. Three of the undercover buys occurred near a school and a park. He is facing five felony counts for the same crime. Despite this, it was reported that he ran from cops and discarded a 9mm Ruger handgun while fleeing. With this all in place, his total convictions are six and include two counts of cocaine distribution near a park or school, possession of a pistol to further drug trafficking, and three counts of cocaine distribution.

These heavy potential consequences are enough to ruin almost anyone’s life. If you or someone you know are in a similar situation or are struggling against drug charges in any capacity, it might be best for you to consult an attorney with drug crime related experience.

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