Why We Protect Your Right to Bear Arms

Defending Your Constitutional Rights

At Berry Law, we believe in and respect the Constitution, so we will fight to protect and preserve your rights as a citizen. This means placing an equal amount of importance on every Constitutional amendment — including the second amendment.

We strongly believe in the right to bear arms. As many US history buffs know, in 1775, the British government tried to confiscate colonial weapons at Concord and Lexington. This resulted in the first shots of the American Revolution being fired. Shortly after, the Second Amendment was included in the Constitution as a way to ensure that American citizens were guaranteed the right to protect themselves and their families. This grants a citizen the right to firearm ownership. Sometimes these Constitutional rights are infringed upon by the government itself. Berry Law’s firearm attorneys can help you fight back.

The Second Amendment is viewed as critical to protecting both the Constitution and the Bill of Rights from future tyranny. Tyranny takes many forms, but the best defense is the right of the law-abiding citizen to bear arms to protect themselves and their neighbors. For that reason, the Second Amendment must be actively guarded.

We have extensive experience defending the laws and regulations surrounding firearm ownership. Berry Law is proud of the efforts by our attorneys to maintain the right to bear arms, rights granted to American citizens by the Constitution. Berry Law is a member of the NRA Business Alliance and the National Shooting Sports Foundation. By trusting us to handle your case, you are ensuring that experienced, passionate attorneys go to battle for you. Many of our attorneys have served in the armed forces, so they understand the importance of defending the Constitution.

The lawyers at Berry Law are serious about defending the rights of our clients, especially those protected in the Constitution. Many of us, as Veterans of foreign wars, have put our lives on the line in order to defend the Constitution. Let us bring that same fighting spirit to work defending your Second Amendment rights.

If you find yourself facing criminal charges or legal problems associated with firearms, don’t hesitate to call Berry Law to get fight back today.

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