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There are times when Lincoln citizens may drive under conditions that are not recommended. For example, someone may wind up getting behind the wheel even if they are drowsy, having difficulty concentrating, or even after having a drink or two. However, driving after taking prescription drugs or street drugs can result in drug charges in addition to reckless driving and other traffic violations, which may carry a heavy penalty.

One Bismarck couple is facing the consequences of driving while under the influence of drugs. The couple was arrested at a gas station in the evening. While one of the couple was held without bond, the other was able to post a $1,500 bond.

The couple is being faced with drug charges and authorities have stated that they are also being accused of police elusion. This is due to the fact that a Rapid City officer was lead on a high speed chase. It is reported that the speeds went up to 90mph. It is also reported that the chase occurred after the couple did not pull over for the Rapid City officer after the officer tried to flag them down for speeding. It is unknown how the authorities were able to determine that the couple was under the influence of drugs.

Drug arrests can be detrimental to anyone, and drug charges can permanently damage a person’s record and result in heavy fines, license revocation and even jail time. If you find yourself in a situation where you are facing drug charges, it may be to your benefit to consult an attorney.

Source: ABC9 News, “ Rapid City Couple Arrested on Drug Charges”, Sep. 14, 2013

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