John Stevens Berry, Sr., Recognized as Most Trusted Criminal Defense Lawyer


Berry Law founder John Stevens Berry Sr. has added another award to his trophy case. Berry Sr. has been chosen as the outright winner of the, “Most Trusted Criminal Defense Lawyer 2019 – Nebraska” by the Global Excellence Awards Service. Berry Sr. is honored to have been chosen and is happy for the success of his firm.

The Global Excellence Awards service is a sector of Acquisition International, a monthly magazine that seeks to inform, entertain, influence, and shape the global corporate conversation. The Global Excellence Awards Service chooses winners who strive to overcome the ever-changing obstacles present in the legal field. The winners are chosen through a detailed 3-step process. The process consists of:

  1. Gathering Nominees – Lawyers and law firms can be nominated through an online nomination form, social media, and through the magazine. Acquisition International also gathers nominees based on their own research.
  2. Evaluating Nominees – Nominees are allowed to provide supporting evidence for their respective nomination to supplement the information received in the initial nomination.
  3. Research and Judging – All information provided about the attorneys is assessed by a 5-member judging panel. The panel fact-checks and verifies the information provided and gains independent information to gauge the trustworthiness of the lawyer or law firm. Once this process has been completed, the panel uses all the evidence to select a winner for each state.

Berry Law is proud of its founding attorney for receiving this award, and proud of the whole team of attorneys for starting 2019 at a blistering pace for client engagement and support. After receiving a large number of awards in 2018, the team is happy to have earned its first award of 2019. The media frequently avoids the phrase “trusted lawyer”, so it is even more meaningful to know that a media organization identified John Stevens Berry Sr. as the example of the ethical performance that all lawyers should strive to achieve in serving clients.

If you have any legal needs or questions, don’t hesitate to call Berry law and the most trusted lawyers at 402-260-5767.

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