A conviction for a drug charge could result in a substantial fine, imprisonment, and other penalties. However, a Douglas County drug lawyer provide essential legal representation if you are facing these charges.

A lawyer could defend you against the charges you are facing and fight to secure an optimal outcome in your case. An experienced attorney could fully examine the circumstances of your case to build a strong defense against the charges you are facing.

Drug Laws and Schedules

Nebraska Revised Statutes §28-416 explicitly prohibits individuals from intentionally or knowingly manufacturing, distributing, delivering, dispensing, or possessing with the intent to engage in any of these acts an illicit drug or controlled substance. The statute also prohibits individuals from creating, distributing, or possessing with the intent to distribute counterfeit controlled substances.

Illicit drugs and controlled substances are organized across five drug schedules according to their potential for abuse and whether they serve any accepted medical purpose. The five drug schedules include:

  • Schedule I — Substances with the highest potential for abuse and no accepted medical purpose in the U.S. This includes drugs such as heroin and marijuana.
  • Schedule II — Substances with a high potential for abuse and some approved medical use in the U.S. This include drugs such as codeine and morphine.
  • Schedule III — Substances with a moderate potential for abuse and some accepted medical purpose. This includes certain types of stimulants and depressants.
  • Schedule IV — Substances with minimal potential for abuse and an accepted medical use, such as ephedrine.
  • Schedule V — Substances with minimal potential for abuse and an accepted medical purpose, such as prescription medications containing minimal amounts of narcotics.

An attorney who has experience handling cases involving drug offenses in Douglas County could further explain the different schedules and how they could affect a case.

Penalties for Drug Offenses in Douglas County

The penalties upon conviction for a drug offense in Douglas County can include long prison sentences, a substantial fine, and post-release supervision in some cases. The exact length of imprisonment and the specific fine imposed depend on several factors, such as the amount of drugs/controlled substances involved in the offense.

Another factor that can impact the penalties is the specific type of drug or controlled substance involved in the offense. Offenses involving drugs or substances on Schedules I and II, for instance, tend to be associated with more severe penalties since those substances have a high potential for abuse and are considered hazardous.

Reach Out to a Douglas County Drug Attorney

It is often critical to have legal representation when facing criminal charges for a drug offense. A Douglas County drug lawyer who knows how to navigate the local criminal justice could provide hard-hitting legal representation.

An attorney could prepare a legal defense to the charges you are facing, safeguard your rights, and advocate for your rights in court. Contact an attorney at Berry Law to schedule a confidential case evaluation and discuss your situation right away.

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