Society tends to view sexually-based criminal charges in a very different way from other offenses. Allegations alone are often enough to create an assumption of guilt before any legal proceedings have even begun. Fortunately, your innocence stands until proven otherwise beyond a reasonable doubt.

The penalties imposed for sexual offenses are often life-altering, such as lengthy jails sentences, registry on the state’s sex offender list, and economic ramifications. Decisive legal action is often necessary to avoid harsh penalties, and retaining a La Vista sex crime lawyer is a great first step toward protecting your rights. A seasoned criminal defense attorney from Berry Law can help you refute the allegations brought against you and fight to protect your rights in court.

Sexual Assault in La Vista

According to Nebraska Revised Statutes §28-319, first-degree sexual assault involves subjecting someone to sexual penetration without their consent or with the knowledge that they are unable to give consent. Sexual assault in the first-degree is considered the most severe of the varying degrees of severity.

An individual at least 19 years of age who engages in sexual activity with a person 12 to 15 years of age can also be charged with first-degree sexual assault. Sexual assault is a Class II felony and punishable by a maximum of 50 years in prison.

Other examples of criminal sexual activity include:

  • Incest – sexually penetrating or marrying any blood relative or a stepchild that is age 18 or younger;
  • Prostitution – proposing, agreeing to, or participating in sexual activity in exchange for something of value;
  • Child pornography – possessing visual materials portraying a child as a participant in or an observer to sexual activity; and
  • Sexual exploitation – facilitating or supporting lewd or obscene acts that include a vulnerable adult.

If you are facing allegations of sex crimes, you should consult with a local lawyer who has experience with fighting sex crime charges in La Vista courts.

Sex Offender Registration Requirements

Individuals convicted of certain sexual offenses must provide information to law enforcement for compliance with the Sex Offender Registration Act. This report must be submitted no later than three days after being released from a correctional institution. The required information includes current home and work addresses, submission of a DNA sample, fingerprints, and more.

A central database then retains all the offender’s information, which is publicly accessible online. Members of local law enforcement often use this data during investigations when similar crimes occur. Based on the nature of the conviction, offenders must ensure these details remain up-to-date for a minimum of 15 years. An attorney who is familiar with La Vista sex crimes cases can protect your rights and freedom by fighting the allegations brought against you.

Call a La Vista Sex Crimes Attorney Today

People arrested and charged with a sex crime often encounter particularly aggressive prosecutors who may rush to judgment and seek the maximum penalties without proper investigation. In these situations, you should respond to the accusations by retaining a skilled and relentless lawyer. Speak with an experienced La Vista sex crimes lawyer at Berry Law to protect your future.

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