When accused of drug-related offenses, a person may be facing misdemeanor or felony charges that carry not only hefty fines, but also substantial prison time. If someone is found guilty of such a crime, it is likely these charges will follow him or her throughout life, which can make job searching, loan applications, and many other day-to-day actives much more difficult.

Therefore, it is important that you contact a Lancaster county drug lawyer immediately if you are facing drug charges. With the help of an experienced criminal defense lawyer, you may be better suited to both understand your legal rights and bring your case before a court. The skilled attorneys at Berry Law will help you pursue the most positive outcome in your case.

Charges for Drugs or Drug Components

Nebraska law classifies not just what drugs are illegal, but also identifies the compounds that make up these illicit substances as well. Therefore, it is essential to know that an individual can be accused of possessing a controlled substance if they have an actual dangerous drug, or some of the chemical components identified as ingredients of an illicit substance.

Understanding Schedule Classifications

Under Nebraska Revised Statutes§28-405, drug violations in Lancaster County and throughout Nebraska are divided into five different classifications called schedules. Controlled substances can range from a Schedule I to a Schedule V classification depending on the type of drug and its accepted medical use.

The severity of the classification, Schedule I being the most serious, corresponds to the level of what felony charge that can be brought against a person. Therefore, a Lancaster county drug attorney must understand all the facts and claims surrounding the matter in order to fight the allegations.

Punishments for Drug Crimes in Lancaster County

Depending on the specifics of the case, the party accused of drug possession could face charges ranging from a Class II to a Class IIA felony. Under Neb. Rev. Stat. §28-105, a Class II felony carries a maximum of fifty years in prison with a minimum of one year. These charges are most frequently brought when they relate to an extremely hazardous drug classified as Schedule I, II, or III.

For drugs found to be less hazardous or if the drug allegedly in the accused’s possession is classified as Schedule IV to V, they will generally face a Class IIA felony that has a maximum of 20 years imprisonment. Even this reduced felony offense is punishable by significant prison time.

Call a Lancaster County Drug Attorney Today

In a criminal case for a felony drug charge, you should take every possible action to fight the charges, especially since they can result in decades of imprisonment and substantial fines. If you are facing criminal charges for a drug crime, you should call a Lancaster county drug lawyer as soon as possible.

A local attorney can sit down with you one-on-one, listen to the details of your case, discuss what legal rights you have, and explain what avenues may be available to you. Contact Berry Law today to see how an experienced drug attorney can help you fight your charges.

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