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One of the most stressful aspects of operating a business can be concerns about litigation and the hidden dangers of complex business law. Berry Law can help manage the legal aspects of a business to allow clients to focus on running their own businesses. Our attorneys have represented clients on every side of business-related legal battles and can help you maintain, protect, and grow your business assets.

The legal needs of business owners vary widely by city and state, but in all cases there are a significant number of services that a local business attorney can provide to help business owners. There are DIY options to sidestep lawyers, but given the tremendous financial consequences of correct legal work it can sometimes be a costly mistake to avoid legal help.

Berry Law offers customized business law solutions for small, medium, and large businesses in Nebraska. Whether you are looking to start a new business, grow and safeguard your existing business, create a succession plan, or finally exit a venture, our business attorneys provide a variety of important services.

Starting a Business

Looking to start a new venture? Planning to buy a business? Need to settle a dispute over initial rights and ownership? Berry Law can provide assistance to handle asset and stock sales, create corporations, LLCs, non-profits, coordinate with accountants, or create ownership governance documents. Our business law team can also help get property tax determinations, fight the zoning department, negotiate commercial leases, protect intellectual property, review or draft vendor contracts, apply for or licensing matters, obtain proper insurance coverage, and many more functions.

Running a Business

Business owners always need to be ready for contingencies, and very few outcomes can be as jarring as a legal crisis. Even moderate preparation can leave a business exposed to dangers without adequate legal counsel. Berry Law can help business owners manage their operations by providing legal help, whether assisting with the structure of a company during the exit and entry of various business partners or investors, defending litigation against the company, suing other parties on behalf of the company, handling insurance, tax, and administrative appeals, untangling employment law and contracts, or handling a chapter 13 bankruptcy. For companies who have enough legal needs to warrant a consistent legal team but not yet In-house Counsel, we have our Outside General Counsel program, which can provide ongoing legal assistance by using a unique pricing structure and individualized business focus.

Closing a Business

Many business owners eventually need to sunset a venture and Berry Law’s business attorneys can also provide important services during these late stages. Our legal team can help with the direct sale of a business, review for pre-sale compliance/due diligence, and with succession planning. For less cordial endings to a venture, our lawyers can help partners split up and/or sue a partner, help investors who were misled or scammed, or even defend a failed business against creditors in bankruptcy.

Why Berry Law?

  1. We’ve been there. Several of the attorneys and staff members at Berry Law have owned businesses, and are able to combine that experience with legal knowledge to provide personalized service to fellow business owners.

  2. A full team of experienced lawyers. With over 200 years of combined experience between the active lawyers of the Firm, our team has seen a broad spectrum of legal situations and has helped clients fight through myriad challenges.

  3. We understand growth. We understand the need to grow, both to keep your business alive and to reach your goals. Berry Law has a culture built around the relentless pursuit of growth, as evidenced by being named to the Inc 5000 list for fastest growing small businesses in America for both 2017 and 2018.

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