Our drug lawyers at Berry Law have defended clients facing cocaine charges in state and federal courts for decades. From possession to trafficking, and even federal cocaine conspiracies, Berry Law has relentlessly defended the accused in all types of cases. In a recent federal cocaine case of ours, we were able to successfully get our client’s charges dismissed after they were caught with over 50 pounds of cocaine on Interstate 80.

Cocaine Quantities & Penalties

When it comes to cocaine, size matters. In Nebraska state courts, small quantities (in some counties, even cocaine residue) is a felony. Larger amounts of cocaine can be charged as trafficking or conspiracy to distribute. In cocaine cases, weight is important because it is a primary factor in how a prosecutor will charge the case.

Simple possession of cocaine carries a term of up to 2 years in prison or a $10,000 fine. Penalties are much more severe in cases involving possession with intent to distribute and/or conspiracy. The minimum sentence in a state case for possession with intent to distribute is 1 to 50 years in prison. Depending on the amount of cocaine found, those convicted could face up to 20 years or life in prison.

Federal cocaine conspiracies charged in the state of Nebraska commonly carry a term of 10 years to life in prison. The more cocaine involved, the more severe the penalties. As such, it’s vital that you waste no time in contacting a proven Nebraska drug crime lawyer from our office for help.

How We Fight Cocaine Charges in Nebraska

Because cocaine charges can be life-altering, our cocaine defense attorneys at Berry Law fight to protect our clients’ rights and freedoms. We fight cocaine charges by:

  • Challenging unlawful traffic stops on interstates and streets;
  • Challenging unlawful searches of an individual’s vehicle, person, or home;
  • Challenging evidence unlawfully obtained by the government through wiretap, cell phone searches, or other means used during investigations that may violate a citizen’s fourth amendment rights; and
  • Holding the government to the burden of proof. In some instances, when police search cars or raid homes, everyone is arrested and charged – even the innocent. However, the government must prove that each person is guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. In some cases, there is simply not enough evidence.

The Role of the Lincoln Cocaine Defense Attorney

At Berry Law, we go to court to fight. We have an ethical obligation to protect our clients and provide them with advice pertaining to both strategy and risk. Sometimes the fight is about getting the case dismissed. Other times, it’s about keeping our clients out of prison. Sometimes people charged with cocaine need treatment. Other times, they need to fight to protect their liberty. After meeting with you and reviewing the details of your case, we will determine a strategy that best suits your needs.

Berry Law has been fighting for clients in the courtroom since 1965. If you need to fight cocaine charges in the state of Nebraska, contact our nationally recognized team of attorneys by calling us today.

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