Nebraska takes drug offenses seriously. Even a seemingly minor possession charge can result in years in prison and a permanent criminal record. More serious Lincoln drug crimes can result in heavy fines and decades in prison.

A diligent drug lawyer can help you fight back. They can work to build a defense to any charges you may be facing to give you the best chance of a positive outcome.

Lincoln Drug Laws

The use, possession, growing, or manufacturing of controlled substances, driving under the influence, and certain conduct while under the influence of drugs are all illegal in Lincoln. There is also a wide variety of drugs that are considered to be illegal. This includes marijuana, opiates, heroin, cocaine, and methamphetamine.

There are a few exceptions that would allow a person to possess certain controlled substances. The most common reason a person would be in legal possession of a substance is if he or she has a prescription from his or her doctor. One example of that is prescription painkillers.

There are different exceptions for the University because they do drug testing as part of their research. Another unique exception is for marijuana. There are two ways to have marijuana or the THC concentrates: cannabinol and CBD. A person can either have a prescription from a doctor or it can be part of approved research through the University of Nebraska.

Common Offenses

The most common drug crimes in Lincoln are simple possession offenses. The most common drugs involved in offenses are prescription medications, marijuana, and methamphetamine.

There is a heavy focus on marijuana, so police are looking for any reason to pull a person over so that they can search for marijuana. Police also focus on areas where drugs are commonly sold. An attorney can explain how drug crimes are commonly treated in Lincoln.


Incidents involving CBD oil has also become increasingly common. Someone can legally buy a Vape pen with CBD oil. However, CBD oil, if it is not FDA approved or prescribed to a person is still illegal to possess. CBD oil that is not FDA approved may be treated with synthetic marijuana, which the possession of can result in a Class Four felony.

Common Penalties for Illicit Substance Charges

The reason drug charges are so intimidating to face in Lincoln is because, even a seemingly minor case can have severe consequences including heavy fines and long periods of incarceration. In the long-term, even misdemeanors or infractions, especially those involving marijuana, can cause someone to lose their job.

Any conviction is also generally going to be on a person’s criminal record for life. Every time he or she applies for a job or has an interaction with police, that previous conviction can still come up. An attorney can further explain the repercussions associated with different drug crimes.

Ask an Attorney About Common Lincoln Drug Crimes

Especially with the changing views on marijuana, it is important to stay up-to-date on Lincoln drug crime laws. To discuss current laws and what they could mean for you, call Berry Law today.

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