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Prosecutors often refer to someone who delivers controlled substances as a drug dealer, but in some instances, the person delivering the controlled substances is merely a courier paid to transport drugs. Other times, the person delivering the product is provided with drugs in place of money.

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Intent to Deliver & Delivery

In interstate drug cases, delivery of a controlled substance is often thought of as someone transporting marijuana, methamphetamine, cocaine, or heroin from an origin state (often California) to a destination state. The delivery occurs when the drugs reach their destination. In instances in which law enforcement knows about the drugs, “whisper stops” take place on the interstate. This is when one law enforcement agency contacts another law enforcement agency to provide notification that drugs are being transported along a specific route. Generally, individuals who are stopped by law enforcement before the drugs reach their destination are charged with possession with intent to distribute. When dealers are arrested at their destination, they are charged with delivery of a controlled substance.

In Nebraska, someone who gives a small amount of methamphetamine, cocaine, marijuana, or heroin to an acquaintance can be charged with delivery as well. Even someone running an errand for a friend or just dropping off a package containing illegal drugs can be charged with delivery of a controlled substance. If this happened to you, our team of Nebraska drug defense attorneys is here to help. Contact us today to learn more.

Defenses for Delivery of a Controlled Substance in Lincoln

Occasionally, people found with drugs intended for personal use are also charged with delivery of a controlled substance or possession with intent to distribute. Prosecutors often cite circumstantial evidence when filing these charges, such as whether large amounts of cash, plastic baggies, or scales were found at the accused’s residence. Additionally, law enforcement may seize electronic devices and/or intercept electronic communications which confirm the intent to deliver a controlled substance.

Because the penalties for delivery of a controlled substance and possession with intent to distribute a controlled substance are generally the same, it may not matter if the drugs were ever actually delivered when the prosecutor makes the charging decision.

People charged with delivery of a controlled substance are labeled as drug dealers, and the consequences of a conviction are often severe. In Nebraska state and federal courts, delivery of a controlled substance is charged as a felony. The more drugs found, the harsher the potential penalty. Protect yourself and your future by aligning yourself with a defense attorney at our office as soon as possible.

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