Federal drug charges are much more serious than state charges as they can result in much harsher penalties. Therefore, it is important to have a skilled attorney who can guide you throughout Lincoln drug cases.

A diligent federal drug attorney can protect your rights from the beginning by advocating for your interests both in and out of court. With their help, you may be able to reach a more positive outcome in your case.

Federal Drug Charges vs. State Offenses

To determine whether a drug case should be charged in federal court, law enforcement will investigate whether a firearm was involved and whether the drugs were distributed outside the State of Nebraska. If a person has a lengthy criminal history, that could also bump up the charges to a federal offense as well.

Federal drug offenses that an individual can be charged with in Lincoln include possession, possession with intent to distribute, and conspiracy. Money laundering and involvement in a criminal enterprise would also be considered federal offenses.

Federal charges tend to result in harsher penalties than charges seen in state courts. Additionally, the federal government has a lot more resources, assets, and people behind them. The FBI and the DEA are able to put substantially more time and effort and money into building a more sound case than the local law enforcement agencies. Their investigations can involve controlled buys and informants.

In the State of Nebraska, they prosecute federal drug cases aggressively, so it is important to take these allegations seriously. A proactive attorney can build a strong defense to any charges someone may be facing.

Penalties in Lincoln Cases

The penalties associated with federal drug cases are set in the federal sentencing guidelines. These guidelines factor in the person’s criminal record, the amount of the drug in their possession, and the purity of that drug. In general, federal court does not have as much leeway in sentencing as state court.

The long-term implications of a federal drug conviction include many years of jail time as well as the loss of certain rights. Additionally, the person will also have to go through the parole process which can last for years after they get released from jail.

Defense attorneys can mitigate the punishment in a federal drug case depending on the circumstances. For example, a person’s penalty goes down if they accept the plea agreement and do not make the federal government take it to a trial.

A Rule 35 hearing may also be an option. If someone cooperates with law enforcement and provide them with names and addresses of others they suspect to be involved with the distribution of drugs, then they may be able to have their sentence lowered.

Get Strong Representation for Lincoln Federal Drug Cases

When dealing with Lincoln federal drug cases, it is important to work with a lawyer with experience in handling cases in federal court. The rules and process are not the same. To discuss your case, call Berry Law today for a confidential case evaluation.

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