Being accused of having involvement in a drug operation can lead to jail time and it can have lasting affects on your reputation and ability to work. If you are facing allegations, you should seek the services of a skilled drug attorney as soon as possible.

A Lincoln drug manufacturing lawyer can help you prepare you defense and guide you through the tough litigation that comes with drug-related charges. Call today to schedule a consultation and to learn what to expect from your case.

What is Drug Manufacturing Charges?

Federal law defines drug manufacturing as involvement in any step of the production or manufacturing process of a controlled substance. A person can be arrested under federal law even if his/her activity is legal under state law. A federal agency can conduct an investigation, arrest someone, and charge him/her with federal drug charges. Although, this is less of an issue in Lincoln as it is in other states that are in the process of legalizing marijuana locally for recreational use.

Lincoln law enforcement treats drug manufacturing charges seriously. They prosecute people aggressively for such charges, and they are looking to send a person to jail for as long as they can. Therefore, it is critical for defendants to seek the services of a drug manufacturing lawyer in Lincoln.

Drug Manufacturing and Other Drug Crimes in Lincoln

Drug manufacturing offenses fall under specific laws that separate the charge from other drug crimes and can be brought separately or in conjunction with additional criminal charges. For example, a person who is growing marijuana and selling it can be charged with both drug manufacturing and drug distribution. For more information, reach out to a Lincoln drug manufacturing attorney.

Growing or Packaging Drugs

Someone growing or packaging drugs could be charged just as severely as if they were out selling them. Packaging, picking, and similar roles in the initial stages of a criminal enterprise can warrant severe penalties.

Supplying Materials

A person who knows or should know what the materials are going to be used for could be charged as an accessory to the underlying crime, as claiming that they had no involvement with the drugs themselves may not alleviate guilt. An accessory to a drug operation can be charged almost as harshly as a person who is actually committing the crime, but it depends on the unique facts and circumstances of the case. If prosecutors can show that a person knew or should have known that his/her work was contributing to the manufacturing and cultivation of a controlled substance, the prosecution can charge the individual either as an accessory or a manufacturer.

Speak with a Lincoln Drug Manufacturing Attorney

If you have been suspected of manufacturing a controlled substance in Lincoln, enlist the help of a local attorney to learn about your rights. A Lincoln drug manufacturing lawyer can help you prepare your case for court. Call today to learn more about how the seasoned attorneys at Berry Law can help you.

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