In Nebraska, it is a crime to use marijuana, whether for medical or recreational purposes. Depending on the nature and circumstances of your charges, your case could be heard before state or federal court. Therefore, your drug crime defense lawyer needs state and federal drug defense experience.

Marijuana Drug Crime Defense

A critical step in a drug defense is to examine the police procedure, including the search and seizure. If the police lacked probable cause to stop your vehicle or search your car or home, our Omaha & Lincoln drug crime lawyers can argue for the evidence to be suppressed.

If you are arrested in conjunction with a marijuana crime, your charges may include any of the following:

Depending on the amount of marijuana you are charged with possessing, you may face state or federal drug charges. We have extensive experience with federal criminal defense.

Medical marijuana is legal in some states, including the neighboring state of Colorado. However, the federal government continues to pursue medical marijuana users. Even with a legitimate physician’s prescription, individuals can be prosecuted for medical marijuana use. Doctors can also be charged in medical marijuana crimes. We provide aggressive defense against these charges.

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