Synthetic marijuana or K2 is sold under names such as Legal Devil, Demon, Yucatan Fire, Skunk, LOL, Tsunami and Scooby Snax. The drugs are usually made of plant material, which is sprayed with chemicals that mimic the effects of tetrahydrocannabinol or THC. Synthetic marijuana is the second most highly used drug by high school seniors, after marijuana. It is responsible for hundreds of emergency room admissions each year. As a result, police in Nebraska and many other states are cracking down on its use.

Possession of synthetic marijuana, including drugs sold as “incense” and “bath salts,” is now treated the same as possession of regular marijuana in Nebraska. While possession of a small quantity of synthetic marijuana is treated as an infraction, subject to a $300 fine, possession or distribution of larger quantities is a felony.

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Protecting Clients From Serious Criminal Charges

Tobacco stores, head shops, party stores and other small businesses that sold synthetic marijuana over the counter can now find themselves facing serious felony charges in Nebraska if they attempt to unload their inventory of bath salts, incense and other banned substances. Anyone who has been charged with a felony should contact an experienced criminal defense lawyer as soon as possible.

Our lawyers defend accused distributors as well as those who are charged with possession of synthetic drugs. Depending on the circumstances of the arrest, our lawyers may be able to raise defenses such as:

  • Lack of probable cause to search the suspect or his or her vehicle
  • Lack of probable cause to support a warrant-less search and seizure
  • Coerced confessions

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