Nebraska, like many parts of the U.S., has seen an increase in methamphetamine manufacturing and use. State officials have made a push in recent years to crack down on meth labs. Rural areas are often targeted for meth busts, as are travelers along Interstate 80.

Meth charges are prosecuted aggressively. Berry Law has decades of experience providing aggressive defense for persons charged with drug crimes. To make an appointment with our Nebraska meth charges attorneys, please call (402) 466-8444 or contact us online.

Charges in Lincoln Methamphetamine Cases

Persons arrested in connection with methamphetamine may be charged with:

  • Possession
  • Distribution
  • Manufacturing/operating a meth lab
  • Drug conspiracy

Depending on the charge, you may be tried in state or federal court. Our firm has considerable experience in federal drug crime cases.

The dangers of meth addiction and the damage it can cause after just one use have caused public outcry to stop the manufacture and distribution of meth. The result is that state and federal law enforcement agencies take special interest in prosecuting meth cases. A lawyer can protect you from overzealous prosecutors.

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