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Prescription fraud is a crime that can be charged against both doctors and patients. When a doctor is charged with prescription drug fraud, it is usually because he or she is prescribing drugs without a legitimate purpose. When this happens, the doctor not only faces felony criminal charges, but also potential loss of his or her medical license.

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Prescription Fraud by Patients

Prescription fraud involving a patient (or non-medical personnel) usually involves lying to obtain narcotics from a pharmacist or doctor. This can happen through “doctor shopping,” in which an individual visits several doctors in hopes of obtaining narcotics. This is common among those addicted to pain medications, opiates, or sleeping medication. Because the body’s tolerance for narcotics can increase, a patient may need more drugs more often in order to get the same effect. This has led to an epidemic of prescription drug cases in the United States. Sadly, people involved in prescription fraud are often law-abiding citizens hooked on narcotics as a result of serious injury.

Doctor shopping is not the only way patients unlawfully obtain narcotics. Sometimes, prescription fraud occurs when a physician’s prescription is altered or a prescription pad is stolen. No matter what the scenario might be, we are here to help defend you against the charges you’re facing. Call us today at (402) 466-8444 to learn more.

Defense for Medical Professionals & Patients Accused of Prescription Fraud in Nebraska

At Berry Law, we represent both medical professionals and patients who have been charged with prescription fraud. It is important for any medical professional charged with prescription fraud to understand that they are facing a felony charge, and their professional license is at risk as a result.

Sometimes defending a professional license and defending against criminal charges at the same time can be complicated. Actions taken that may be helpful in a licensing case may be harmful in a criminal case, which in turn could result in a criminal conviction that ultimately costs the doctor or nurse their medical license.

Although the professional ramifications may not be as serious, patients accused of prescription drug fraud are also facing felony convictions that could affect their livelihoods. Felony drug convictions carry collateral consequences that can ruin careers. We’re here to help ensure this doesn’t happen. Contact us now to start building a strategic defense for your case.

Prescription Fraud Defense at Berry Law

While there are several criminal defense strategies available in prescription drug fraud cases, there are also several options to mitigate these cases. In Nebraska, the courts have recognized that those who commit prescription fraud have an addiction caused by using legitimately prescribed narcotics for a medical condition. For this reason, Nebraska has several sentencing alternatives, including pretrial diversion programs and drug courts. In some counties, accused individuals can receive a dismissal upon obtaining a substance abuse evaluation and completing a treatment program.

If you have been charged with prescription fraud and need to protect your license and/or fight a criminal case, contact Berry Law. We have been protecting licenses and livelihoods for over 50 years, and we’re ready to do the same for you.

If you have been arrested for prescription fraud for use of a narcotic you were initially prescribed, our drug crime lawyers can help you fight the felony charges and work towards a resolution that will protect your future. Contact us today at (402) 466-8444 to learn more about our criminal defense services for prescription fraud cases.

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