If you were charged with extortion, your top priority should be to seek a skilled defense attorney to handle your case. A Lincoln extortion lawyer can help you understand the best legal options available to you in your case and provide you with strong defense strategy. The experienced legal team at Berry Law can aggressively defend your rights, help you better understand your charges, and work hard to fight your charges.

Overview of Extortion Charges in Lincoln

According to Nebraska Revised Statutes §28-513, extortion occurs when a person attempts to obtain assets or payment from another person by threatening to physically harm them, disparage their character, or accuse them of a crime. A person who threatens to abuse their authority or suppress information for financial gain can also be charged with extortion.

Refuting an Extortion Charge

The prosecution needs to prove several factors to obtain an extortion conviction. In order to be convicted of extortion, the accused must have intimidated the alleged victim in some way, such as by threatening to reveal damaging personal information. The prosecution also needs to show that the accused acted with intent, namely, that they knowingly used threats to place the alleged victim in fear of physical, financial, or reputational harm. Finally, the threats must have been made to obtain something of value, such as money.

The prosecution’s ability to obtain an extortion conviction, or any criminal conviction, depends on whether or not they can prove that extortion occurred beyond a reasonable doubt. If there is reasonable doubt that one or more of the aforementioned factors occurred, it may be possible to seek a dismissal of your extortion charges.

There are a wide range of defenses that a Lincoln attorney may use in your extortion case. For example, it is not unusual for a conversation between two parties to be taken out of context or misunderstood and lead to allegations of extortion. Additionally, if the suspected threats did not result in the accused party receiving money or anything else of value, it may be possible to argue a lack of intent.

Penalties for Extortion Offenses in Lincoln

The penalties you could face for an extortion conviction are based on the value of the property or funds allegedly obtained. In addition to fines, an extortion conviction could also lead to jail time. Besides financial penalties and jail time, the court may require you to pay restitution.

If you are convicted of extortion in Lincoln, you can also be placed on probation after serving a prison sentence. Violating the terms of probation could lead to additional jail time. Individuals charged with extortion can also face higher sentences if they have been convicted of another crime in the past.

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A conviction of extortion could change your life forever, resulting in jail time and hefty fines. For help fighting extortion allegations, contact a Lincoln extortion lawyer at Berry Law. An attorney can provide relentless advocacy at each stage of the legal proceeding. Schedule your confidential consultation today.

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