Firearm Offenses and Deadly Weapon Enhancements

The unlawful possession of a gun can be a serious stand-alone offense. Using or possessing weapons in connection with other crimes can kick those charges up a notch or add mandatory prison time upon conviction.

Berry Law knowledgeably addresses criminal offenses involving a firearm or deadly weapon. Our veteran criminal defense lawyers handle gun-related felonies in state and federal courts of Nebraska. Contact us to arrange consultation.

Omaha & Lincoln Firearms Charge Defense Lawyers

Our experienced attorneys handle stand-alone gun charges such as:

  • Possession of a firearm by a convicted felon
  • Unregistered, stolen or illegal guns
  • Carrying concealed without a permit
  • Brandishing or discharging a firearm

We also handle weapon enhancements tacked on to other offenses. For example, a misdemeanor charge of domestic assault or terroristic threats could be charged as a Class IV felony if you had a gun on your person, on the premises or in your vehicle.

Using a firearm or deadly weapon to commit another felony, such as burglary or robbery, can elevate the charges to a Class 2 felony. Merely possessing a weapon in connection with a felony, such as a drug transaction or assault, may trigger mandatory consecutive charges that add years to the underlying offense.

We make the prosecution prove weapon charges: Can they tie the gun to you? Can they show that you intentionally used the weapon? Was it functional and loaded? Was it discovered through an unlawful search and seizure? Whenever possible, we try to get weapon offenses dismissed so that we can focus on the underlying criminal offense.

Lincoln Gun and Weapons Charge Lawyers

The harsh consequences of conviction for a firearms offense or weapon enhancement demand aggressive representation. You can count on Berry Law to mount a vigorous and credible defense against all charges.

Call (402) 466-8444 or contact us online. We practice throughout Nebraska, with offices in Lincoln and Omaha.

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