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Berry Law remains open during COVID-19
Berry Law remains open during COVID-19

Experienced Defense for the Most Serious Charges

If you are accused of taking someone’s life, through intentional acts or criminal negligence, the quality of your defense can make all the difference. At Berry Law Firm, you are represented by proven lawyers who have tried and won homicide cases.

Our firm handles murder and manslaughter cases throughout Nebraska. Contact us immediately at our offices in Lincoln or Omaha. We act swiftly to assert your rights and avoid statements or actions that the prosecution could use against you.

Lincoln & Omaha Homicide Lawyers Who Know How to Fight for You

Berry Law Firm has handled more than 100 homicide cases since 1965, including death penalty cases. We have a strong record of favorable outcomes, including jury acquittals, dismissals and plea agreements that spared clients from a murder conviction or years in prison. Our experienced trial lawyers are equipped to handle any homicide charges:

  • First-degree murder (capital murder)
  • Second-degree murder (intentional but not premeditated)
  • Manslaughter (unintentional and without malice)
  • Vehicular homicide, including hit-and-run accidents
  • DUI manslaughter

We exhaust all affirmative defenses and mitigating factors under the law, including self-defense or defense of another.

Every homicide case is unique. There may be no clear cause of death, or no body at all. There may be other viable suspects. Our attorneys meticulously address every piece of the prosecution’s case: identity, forensics, witnesses, motive and so forth.

Sometimes there is no doubt about who caused the death but a question of whether it was intentional and/or premeditated. The difference is huge — a death sentence for a Class IA homicide versus 20 years to life for second-degree murder or one to 20 years for manslaughter.

Berry Law Firm provides experienced counsel to anyone charged with violent crimes. Call our Nebraska murder and manslaughter defense lawyers at (402) 817-6550 or contact us online. We have offices in Lincoln & Omaha.

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