Berry Law represents clients of all ages, including young adults and their parents. When teens and college students are in legal trouble, the potential consequences could define the entire course of their lives.

The costs of a criminal conviction are often magnified for young adults. A criminal matter that could be a mere inconvenience for an adult could instead cost a teen their opportunities to attend college, receive scholarships, join the military, or get their first job. The loss of future earning potential is often vastly more consequential than the cost of a fine.

Likewise, early convictions can impact future sentencing in the event of future legal trouble. Avoiding early problems can help mitigate the damage of future problems.

Berry Law Focuses on Solutions

Being charged with a crime is often terrifying and the court process can be confusing and intimidating. Frequently a teen or their parents can get stuck in a mental loop of reviewing what happened and focusing on the negatives of the situation. Berry Law is here to help take the weight off of your shoulders and craft an effective defense to allow you to focus on the future.

The options for teen criminal defense depend on the circumstances of the case, and a criminal defense attorney can help advise how to best fight a case. For some young adults, the right answer may be to enter juvenile pretrial diversion, while for others it may be worth fighting the charges in court. Our teen and juvenile defense attorneys focus on meeting the best interests of clients and working to limit damage to future opportunities.

Teen Criminal Defense Includes Adult Problems

While some offenses are specific to youth, such as Minor in Possession (MIP) or Minor misrepresenting age (fake IDs), young adults can also be charged with adult crimes, including:

Berry Law represents minors in very serious cases and knows the intricacies of juvenile justice in both juvenile court and criminal court.

Legal Trouble Is Not Just Criminal

There are administrative and civil actions against teens and young adults that can also impact their future. Even without a criminal conviction, a young life can be derailed by an expulsion or disciplinary action. Fortunately, a school and teen law attorney can help fight back to protect the rights of students. A school policy forbidding bullying may rely on ambiguous language that infringes on the legal rights of a student. A disciplinary review board of sexual misconduct based on Title IX policy can endanger a student’s future without providing sufficient legal protections.

Berry Law helps students and their parents fight back and preserve their rights. Our juvenile law attorneys know Nebraska law and are dedicated to protecting the futures of children.

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