The injuries people suffer when they are involved in a collision with a bus can be devastating. When a bus is involved in a crash, bystanders, other motorists, and passengers may be seriously injured.

When someone is injured in a bus wreck, he or she could file a claim for compensation for any financial or other losses he or she experienced. A Lincoln bus accident lawyer can help you pursue a lawsuit against those whose carelessness contributed to the crash. With the help of the skilled injury lawyers at Berry Law, you could recover the compensation to which you are entitled.

How Do Plaintiffs in Lincoln Recover Compensation for Their Injuries?

For a lawsuit to be successful, the injured party must be able to prove four elements. The four elements that plaintiffs must prove are:

  • The defendant owed a legal duty to behave carefully toward the plaintiff
  • The defendant did not uphold this duty but instead broke it by acting negligently or recklessly
  • The defendant’s conduct is what led the plaintiff to suffer injuries
  • The injuries resulted in losses

Thus, plaintiffs must not only show that the defendants in their cases are responsible for causing their injuries, but also that the plaintiffs’ requested compensation can resolve their losses. A well-versed injury attorney can further explain what must be proven in a Lincoln bus accident case.

Defendants in a Bus Accident Case

There may be several defendants whose collective carelessness contributed to the crash and the plaintiffs’ injuries. The bus driver or another vehicle’s driver may have made a mistake or wrong decision that contributed to the crash. These operators can be held accountable for the harm caused to others involved in the accident.

If the bus driver is primarily at fault for causing the accident, the company that employs the bus driver may also be responsible. This is especially true if the company had reason to believe the driver was not acting in a responsible manner or did not have the appropriate license.

Mechanics and coach manufacturers may also have played a part in a crash. If a component of the bus did not work as intended or should have been replaced but wasn’t, the manufacturers may also be liable defendants in a plaintiff’s lawsuit. An attorney can thoroughly examine the facts of the case to determine the liable parties.

A Lincoln Bus Accident Attorney Can Be an Advocate

Even where the cause of a bus accident is clear, recovering compensation is not always guaranteed. Filing and arguing a claim is complex and can be overwhelming if the person does not have the necessary legal experience. Further, failure to file a claim within the statutory time limits can be grounds for a dismissal of the case and a denial of any compensation.

A Lincoln bus accident lawyer can meet with you and help you prepare your case for filing. An attorney can also fiercely advocate for your rights throughout the process. Call Berry Law today to schedule a consultation and discuss your right to compensation.

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