If the court dismissed your car accident case or committed an error in the legal proceedings, you can file for an appeal with the help of a dedicated vehicle collision attorney. The appeals process can differ from the original case, so it’s best to retain legal counsel to ensure you file all paperwork properly and present the strongest case possible. Appealing a car accident case in Lincoln can be a swift and efficient process with the help of a legal professional at Berry Law.

What Are Some Common Reasons to Appeal a Car Accident Case?

Two of the most common reasons to initiate an appeal are an undesired outcome in the case or an error in the legal process. As the plaintiff, you may be unsatisfied with the outcome of the case even if the judge ruled in your favor. For example, if you don’t think the compensation is adequate for your losses, you may contest the decision.

An error in the trial process can affect the outcome of a claim, but it is important to note that appealing a case due to a trial court error doesn’t mean the initial ruling was incorrect. If you believe you have valid grounds to appeal your auto accident case, consider asking a credible lawyer about your options.

The Deadline for Filing Paperwork in Lincoln

To initiate the process, you must file a notice with intent to appeal within 30 days of the judgement. In addition to filing the paperwork, you will need to pay a filing fee. Missing the filing deadline is the most common mistake plaintiffs make when attempting to appeal a claim. A diligent attorney can complete all the required documents correctly and on-time to minimize any errors in your car crash appeal.

Can an Appeal Affect the Plaintiff’s Damages Award?

Once your car accident case is active again, the at-fault driver may be willing to offer a settlement larger than the initial judgment. However, if you proceed with the case, you should not assume the court will increase your financial compensation. Your damages award might increase, but it could also remain the same.

How Many Times Can an Injured Party Contest the Outcome of a Case?

If your case started in the County Court, you would appeal to the next highest level — the District Court. Next you could go to the Court of Appeals, then the Nebraska Supreme Court. In some rare cases, you may appeal to the Federal Courts with your car accident lawyer, though it is not likely.

The Length of an Appeal

In a motor vehicle case, you should expect to receive a decision no earlier than 9 months from the date you filed the notice. Depending on the appellate court’s caseload, the process could last from 12 to 15 months. A hard-working auto wreck attorney can file all legal paperwork quickly to make the appeals process more efficient.

Let an Attorney Help with Appealing a Car Accident Case in Lincoln

If you’re recovering from a car accident, you likely don’t have the bandwidth to file the necessary paperwork and draft a written argument for an appeal. Let the legal team at Berry Law assist you with appealing a car accident case in Lincoln.

Our trial lawyers are prepared to appear in court and provide you with relentless representation. Call us as soon as possible to schedule a free consultation.

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