Most drivers are taught to be especially careful when driving in inclement weather. However, sometimes, even if someone takes every possible precaution, they can still end up in an accident.

When other drivers fail to be careful or fail to recognize the severity of the conditions, they can cause serious accidents. Even a slight fender-bender can become much worse if it causes a car to lose traction on an icy road. If you or a loved one were in a crash that involved poor driving conditions, you should reach out to a Lincoln bad weather car accident lawyer.

The determined car accident lawyers at Berry Law are here to help. These accidents can be difficult to prove but an attorney has experience helping people get the compensation they deserve following bad weather crashes.

What To Do Following an Accident Caused By Bad Weather

When a driver is involved in a crash triggered by severe weather conditions in Lincoln, he or she should call law enforcement. If necessary, he or she should also call for medical assistance.

When it is possible, the drivers that were involved should also move their cars out of traffic. In scenarios where a person is able to, taking photos of the scene, the vehicles, and road conditions can be helpful when bringing a claim for damages.

Finally, if the person was injured, he or she should contact a Lincoln bad weather car accident attorney. A lawyer can help them make sure he or she is making the right decisions for his or her recovery.

Determining Liability for a Lincoln Crash

To avoid being involved in a weather-related crash, a person should take precautions before driving. For example, he or she should consider driving with snow tires or putting chains on his or her vehicle. Buying a car with four-wheel drive can also help a person avoid accidents.  If the weather is bad enough, it may be safest to avoid driving.

If someone is driving when the conditions shift, he or she should adjust his or her driving for the road and weather conditions. He or she should slow down for fog, snow, rain, icy conditions, and high winds.

Three general steps for safe driving in severe weather are:

  • Reduce speed
  • Turn the vehicle’s lights on to be visible to other drivers
  • Give other vehicles more space

A person has a duty as a driver to keep control of his or her vehicle regardless of the weather. While snow and ice are contributing factors to a crash, a driver still has an obligation to adjust his or her driving to drive safely and keep their vehicle under control, regardless of the conditions.

Therefore, if a driver drives too fast for the conditions – even if he or she was not driving above the speed limit – could be considered at fault. A diligent attorney could analyze the situation to determine what actually caused the collision.

Recoverable Damages for a Dangerous Weather Crash

A driver should always be aware of the weather and changing conditions. Visual cues, such as the presence of snow on the road can frequently indicate the driver needs to take extra precautions. When a driver fails to take these precautions and causes a crash that results in injuries, the injured party could collect compensation for his or her damages.

An individual involved in a weather-related crash in Lincoln may seek both economic and non-economic damages. These can include:

  • Lost wages
  • Medical bills
  • Property damages
  • Pain and suffering
  • Loss of enjoyment of life

It is important to note that this is a general list. The actual damages available in a claim will depend largely on the specific facts of the case.

A Lincoln Bad Weather Car Accident Lawyer Can Help

If you were injured in a crash, you are probably trying to work your way through the insurance claims process. A Linconl bad weather car accident lawyer could help manage the maze of insurance.

Even when an accident is influenced by poor weather conditions, the at-fault driver has an obligation to maintain control of their vehicle. An experienced lawyer knows this and can bring a persuasive claim to illustrate the negligent driver’s fault. To learn more, call Berry Law.

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