All licensed motorists have a responsibility to drive safely, yet some drivers continue to engage in reckless behavior on the road. If a careless motorist struck your vehicle, you have the right to pursue a lawsuit. Further, knowing the exact cause of the crash can strengthen your case against the other party.

The experienced auto collision attorneys at Berry Law are familiar with the common causes of car accidents in Lincoln. Our team can help you determine how the collision happened and fight for compensation on your behalf.

Auto Accidents Caused by Driver Negligence

Most vehicle collisions are the result of driver negligence. Some common examples of reckless acts that lead to auto accidents include:

These negligent acts are often associated with specific types of accidents.


Every road has a designated speed limit to keep motorists, bikers, and pedestrians safe. When someone is traveling above the posted speed limit, he or she will take longer to come to a stop than the others on the road. Consequently, many instances of speeding lead to rear-end accidents at intersections and on the highway.

Failure to Obey or Notice Traffic Signals

All drivers must abide by traffic lights and signs. However, some motorists fail to follow these traffic signals due to impatience or distraction. When someone runs a red light or stop sign, it often results in a side-impact or T-bone collision.

Drunk Driving

Not only is driving while intoxicated illegal, but it is also incredibly dangerous. When under the influence of alcohol, people have decreased motor function, impaired vision, and slower reaction times. Additionally, intoxicated individuals often have difficulty making responsible decisions.

A drunk driver is more likely to swerve or drift into the opposite lane of traffic, causing a head-on collision. Further, intoxicated motorists may have trouble seeing stop signs or pedestrians.

Drunk driving accidents are unique in that they often lead to significant bodily injuries, and sometimes death. In these cases, the intoxicated driver is generally automatically liable for any damage caused. The dedicated team at Berry Law has the resources to investigate your case and determine the cause of your car crash.

Other Factors Contributing to Motor Vehicle Collisions in Lincoln

Not all car accidents are caused by a single careless motorist. Some collisions in Lincoln occur due to factors beyond either driver’s control. For example, defective auto parts can cause devastating accidents.

Additionally, driving at night, in foggy conditions, or in the rain can cause vision-related accidents. In these conditions, motorists must be cautious, taking extra care to check all blind spots. However, if there are no working streetlights nearby, it may become nearly impossible to see, as headlights only project so far.

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Vehicle collisions happen for countless different reasons. Understanding the common causes of car accidents in Lincoln can help you in your pursuit of compensation for a car accident in Lincoln. Knowing how the crash occurred can be useful when identifying the at-fault party and proving that he or she was negligent. Contact Berry Law today to schedule a free consultation with an experienced attorney.

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