Full Damages for Serious Motor Vehicle Accidents

High-speed crashes on the freeway commonly cause serious or permanent injuries. These accidents also create challenges in the recovery of damages, especially when they involve trucks, multiple vehicles, out-of-state drivers or uninsured motorists.

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Interstate I-80 Semi-truck Accident Attorneys in Nebraska

Interstate 80 at Omaha carries approximately 160,000 vehicles a day in both directions, including a great deal of cross-country trucking traffic. Sharing the freeway with tractor-trailers and other commercial vehicles comes at a price. Every year, more than 40 people die and more than 500 people suffer serious injury in Nebraska truck accidents.

Our legal team handles serious injury car accidents, motorcycle crashes and trucking accidents on I-80, I-29, I-680, I-480 and I-180, as well as U.S. Route 6 (Cornhusker Highway), U.S. Route 30 and other heavily traveled highways. We also represent grieving families in wrongful death lawsuits arising from highway accidents.

Truck accidents in particular demand a prompt and sophisticated investigation.Berry Law Firm effectively counters the efforts of the trucking companies and insurance carriers. Many times a good accident reconstructionist can make all of the difference. Often serious accidents require us to work with doctors, physical therapists, economists, life care planners and other professionals to fully evaluate the potential medical and financial needs of our clients.

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