Products sold in local retail stores are generally designed to be safe and effective for their intended use, and most include detailed instructions and notification of potential hazards. Every so often, however, a manufacturer pushes an unsafe product onto the market and causes one or more customers to suffer preventable injuries.

If you were recently hurt by a defective item while using it as directed, you should talk to a Lincoln product liability lawyer at our firm about your legal options. With guidance from a personal injury attorney, you may have a much better chance of proving liability and recovering compensation for your losses.

Common Types of Product Defects

There are several types of consumer product defects that could serve as grounds for civil litigation in our area. If a product’s design is inherently flawed and every use is dangerous as a result, one of our attorneys can build a strong case for design defects.

Furthermore, a flaw in the manufacturing process can make a single item or batch of products dangerous. A unique error during production or assembly or a discrepancy in the materials used could lead to injury for a particular user or group of users. Manufacturing defects commonly form the basis of successful product liability claims in our area.

Finally, a product which is both designed and manufactured safely may still lack appropriate instructions and warnings about how it should be used as well as any potential risk of harm. Product instructions and warnings must be plainly visible and easy for the average consumer to understand. If they are not, a lawyer at Berry Law can help you file a product liability claim based on a failure to warn of a defect.

Demonstrating Liability for a Dangerous Product

Unlike most civil claims, it’s not necessary to prove the defendant’s negligence in a defective product case. This means you are not responsible for establishing that a product manufacturer was reckless or careless in creating or producing a dangerous item in order to recover compensation. Instead, a manufacturer can generally be held strictly liable for any and all damages caused by a defect in their product.

In accordance with Nebraska Revised Statutes §25-224, anyone who wishes to file a product liability lawsuit must do so within four years of the date their injury occurred, and no more than 10 years after the item was originally sold. However, different filing deadlines may apply depending on the state in which the product was manufactured. A knowledgeable Lincoln lawyer can help you determine what statutory deadlines may apply to your particular defective products case.

Get in Touch with a Lincoln Product Liability Attorney Today

If you find yourself hurt by an unreasonably dangerous product, you should think twice before trying to file suit by yourself. Instead, consider retaining a well-versed Lincoln product liability lawyer on our team to help build your case.

Seeking legal counsel is often crucial to recovering maximum compensation for your injuries in a dangerous product case. To see what recourse is available in your case, call Berry Law today to schedule a free consultation.

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