Blind spot truck accidents in Lincoln are unfortunately common. Truckers have difficulty seeing many areas around their vehicles, making it difficult to avoid collisions in certain situations.

While all motorists should be aware of the average truck’s blind spots, people driving large commercial vehicles must frequently check these areas and take caution near smaller cars. If a careless commercial vehicle operator struck your car, call a determined truck accident lawyer right away. At Berry Law, we can help you pursue compensation for injuries you suffered in a blind spot truck accident.

Why Are Trucks More Prone to Blind Spot Accidents Than Other Vehicles?

Trucks are more prone to blind spot accidents because of their size and shape. Trucking companies are aware of these hard-to-see areas, and they often attach signs to the trailers of their vehicles warning drivers of blind sports. However, this does not absolve truck operators of their responsibility to take caution of smaller cars.

Typical Areas Truckers are Unable to See

Due to the large trailer attached to a truck’s cab, most truckers cannot see directly behind their vehicles. Additionally, because tractor-trailer operators are sitting much higher than the average driver, they likely will not be able to see cars traveling right next to their cabs.

To prevent collisions related to obstructed vision, many manufacturers make their trucks with parabolic side-view mirrors that minimize blind spots. An experienced lawyer at Berry Law can inform you of how the type of side-view mirrors on a semi could impact your case.

Common Situations Involving Obstructed Vision That May Lead to a Crash

A vision-related semi-truck accident can take place on any road with multiple lanes. These types of collisions occur most often on the highway. For example, if a trucker is merging onto the interstate, he or she might sideswipe a driver traveling in that lane. A hard-working attorney will analyze the circumstances surrounding your case to prove the liability of the opposing party.

Can the Injured Person Bear Partial Liability?

It is unlikely that the court will deem you partially responsible for the accident unless you were intentionally driving in the truck’s blind spot for an extended period of time. To combat accusations of fault, an attorney at Berry Law would present evidence that demonstrates why you were driving near the tractor-trailer at the time of the wreck. For example, if traffic was preventing you from exiting the blind spot, that is a valid defense to comparative fault.

Potential Consequences of a Truck Wreck in Lincoln

When obscured vision leads to a T-bone or sideswipe collision on the highway, the consequences are often severe. The vehicles involved in these crashes are typically traveling at 75 to 85 miles per hour. Any collision at this speed can cause the driver of the smaller car to spiral off the road, roll over, or hit another vehicle.

Our Firm has Experience Handling Blind Spot Truck Accidents in Lincoln

Cases that involve large commercial vehicles are often challenging because these trucking companies often have legal teams dedicated to handling collision cases. With assistance from the battle-hardened attorneys at Berry Law, you can defeat the opposing party in court and obtain the compensation you need. Call our firm today to schedule a free consultation and discuss blind spot truck accidents in Lincoln.

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