Any person who has a professional license understands how difficult they can be to obtain. However, a criminal conviction could put your professional license in jeopardy. Besides a period of incarceration and/or fines, the legal ramifications of a criminal sentence can also include the suspension or revocation of any professional licenses. In some cases, merely being charged with a crime can threaten a professional license.

If you are in danger of losing your professional license due to allegations of criminal conduct, you should speak with a Lincoln professional license defense lawyer as soon as possible. An experienced civil practice attorney can explain your rights, examine what legal options may be available, and work to achieve a favorable outcome in your case.

Professional Licenses Jeopardized by a Criminal Conviction

In the state of Nebraska, if someone engages in criminal actions that violate the professional or moral principles of their vocation, they may face the revocation or suspension of any licenses held. Even when no individual or business is harmed, conduct that does not meet the acceptable standards of their profession can lead to the revocation of their license(s).

A wide range of professional licenses can be jeopardized by a criminal conviction, such as a physician’s license to practice medicine, law licenses, nursing licenses, teaching licenses, and chiropractic licenses. These vocations all have stringent standards of ethics and professional conduct. A licensing board may terminate someone’s credentials if they determine that his or her actions are in breach of these codes of conduct. In short, a criminal conviction could completely derail your professional career, in addition to the consequences typically associated with a criminal conviction, including jail time, fines, and a permanent criminal record.

In addition to the rescindment or suspension of a professional license after a criminal conviction, individuals who have been convicted of felonies or misdemeanor offenses in the past will often have trouble when attempting to attain professional licenses in the future. A skilled Lincoln attorney can provide relentless legal representation to someone who is in danger of losing their professional license due to criminal charges.

Circumstances that Could Lead to License Revocation

Felony convictions commonly lead to the revocation of a professional license. Common examples of felony crimes in Lincoln include aggravated assault, kidnapping, and murder. Certain misdemeanors convictions may also lead to revocation of someone’s professional license. In addition to the suspension or rescindment of credentials, a licensing board may impose additional punishments upon the individual, including fines and probation.

Sometimes, the fulfillment of someone’s parole after a criminal conviction can enable them to seek a restoration of their professional license. In other cases, it could be possible to avoid licensing penalties altogether. A Lincoln professional license defense attorney can help you better understand the consequences attached to a specific criminal charge.

Getting Help from a Lincoln Professional License Defense Attorney

A Lincoln professional license defense lawyer could provide the legal guidance you need to protect your license or pursue reinstatement of a credential. An attorney can fight for a successful outcome to your case if you are facing criminal and/or professional consequences due to a prior conviction or an arrest. Call now to schedule a confidential consultation with a Lincoln lawyer and get more information about how we can help you with your case.

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