Hiring a Lincoln sex crimes lawyer is a critical part of fighting charges. An attorney a person facing allegations of sex crimes can trust can hugely influence the outcome of the case.

If you are facing these allegations, you should reach out to a diligent sex crimes lawyer as soon as possible. The sooner you contact an attorney, the sooner an attorney can begin to fight the charges against you.

Why Should Someone Work with a Sex Crimes Lawyer?

Because of the sensitive nature of the information involved in sex crimes, it is important to work with an experienced sex crimes attorney who has experience navigating the more difficult aspects of sex crimes cases.

Managing Publicity

Accusations of a sexual assault often appear in the newspaper or online. When a qualified attorney is hired before criminal charges are filed, they can handle the media coverage or work to regulate the information. For example, when a news outlet has some negative version of the events, an attorney could counter that negative information with the accused’s side of the story.

Helping with Investigations

Police investigators frequently do not tell individuals that they are the subject of an investigation or that they are about to be arrested. Law enforcement officers may use the arrest of someone accused to elicit a confession or evidence from him or her.

A skilled attorney may contact law enforcement, investigators, and prosecutors before criminal charges are executed to avoid allowing the accused to be in a situation where he or she could incriminate himself or herself.

Assisting During the Arrest Process

Additionally, a good defense attorney can make the arrest, booking, and bond processes go smoothly. They can also make arrangements for a person to report to jail and make arrangements ahead of time for an affordable bond. Such preemptive actions may limit the amount of time a person sits in jail before being released.

An individual who does not have an attorney before criminal charges are filed could sit in jail for three days to two weeks before being released. Being in custody for that length of time could have devastating consequences that an attorney could help avoid.

The Value of Trust in a Lincoln Attorney-Client Relationship

The value of trust is critical in a sexual assault case. For anyone facing serious criminal charges involving a sexual assault, the criminal process is likely to be a significant and terrifying event in his or her life.

The consequences of a conviction follow a person for the rest of his or her life. Therefore, it is absolutely critical that someone accused of a crime can trust their attorney. A person must believe that his or her attorney gives him or her the best possible chance at an optimal outcome. When someone does not entirely believe in or trust his or her attorney, he or she has the wrong attorney.

Set Up a Consultation Before Hiring a Lincoln Sex Crimes Attorney

An attorney could fight for the accused throughout the legal process. The earlier a person hires a Lincoln sex crimes lawyer, the better the outcome of his or her case can be. From the beginning, an attorney can work to protect the accused’s rights and make sure he or she is making the decisions that could give a better chance of a positive outcome. Call Berry Law today to get started.

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