When a person is accused of a sex crime, the police will launch a Lincoln sex crimes investigation to determine whether formal charges need to be filed. If you are currently the subject of an investigation or have been accused of a sex crime, securing effective legal representation should be the first step in protecting your rights.

It is highly advised to work with a skilled criminal defense attorney from the onset of your case. An attorney at Berry Law can investigate the charges you’re facing and fight to get them dropped or reduced.

The Criminal Case Process

If you are accused of a sex crime in Lincoln, such as assault, statutory rape, solicitation, or child pornography, the criminal process starts with the police launching a formal investigation. The purpose of a sex crime investigation is to determine whether there are grounds to proceed with an arrest and filing formal charges. During the investigation, law enforcement will likely speak with both the alleged victim and the accused, as well as any third parties who can corroborate either party’s claims.

Even in the earliest stages of a sex crime investigation, it is crucial to seek aggressive representation from an experienced Lincoln attorney. Police will usually set up an interview with the accused to gain additional information about what happened. When someone is accused of perpetrating a sex offense, it is usually in their best interest to speak with an attorney before talking to law enforcement.

If the police have probable cause to arrest the accused party, they will take them into custody. The prosecutor’s office will evaluate the available evidence and decide if there are grounds to proceed with filing charges. Depending on the sex crime someone is being investigated for, a grand jury may be held to officially indict the individual.

Protecting the Legal Rights of the Accused During a Sex Crime Investigation

Relentless legal representation is essential, even if you have not been formally charged with a sex crime yet. One of our skilled attorneys can help safeguard your rights during a sex crimes investigation and help you avoid self-incrimination when speaking to law enforcement. A lawyer on our team can assess chain of the events that led to the criminal allegations to determine the best defenses available and evaluate any flaws in the prosecution’s case. A Lincoln attorney can gather evidence to refute the findings of a sex crime investigation and formulate the most effective strategies to pursue a favorable outcome in your case.

Ask an Attorney about Lincoln Sex Crime Investigations

If a Lincoln sex crimes investigation has been launched because you were accused of committing a sex offense, you should speak with an attorney at Berry Law as soon as possible. A lawyer can ensure your rights are protected during the Lincoln sex crimes investigation process and help you craft an effective defense strategy if charges are filed. Call now to schedule a confidential consultation with an attorney on our team.

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