The role of a Lincoln sex crimes attorney is to provide advice, guidance, and support at every step of the process. A skilled defense lawyer could analyze all the facts of the case and advise the accused about all of their legal options. He or she could also carefully scrutinize the prosecution’s evidence and fight tirelessly for a positive resolution of the charges.

If you were accused of a sex offense, do not risk appearing in court alone. Retaining an aggressive criminal defense attorney could make a crucial difference in the outcome of a case.

Making Decisions About the Case

The main role of the attorney is to serve as a guide throughout the case process. For instance, an experienced attorney may determine whether it is favorable to have a longer or shorter case process.

Factors that an experienced criminal defense attorney considers when determining how fast the case should progress relate directly to the evidence involved. For example, when a victim of a sexual assault has moved out o the city or state or is not currently available to testify, it may be appropriate to push the case through the process as quickly as possible. There are other procedural reasons why a sex crimes attorney may want to either prolong or shorten a case that they can outline for you.

Evaluating Evidence

An attorney can also help evaluate the evidence to determine whether it is constitutional. If police use inappropriate manners when collecting evidence, it can be considered invalid and may be thrown out.

An example of an inappropriate police action that could result in invalid evidence is arresting and questioning a person without reading them their Miranda Rights. Another example is when an investigator or police officer uses implicit threats during the interview process.  In either situation, a practiced attorney can recognize those flaws and try to get the evidence suppressed or thrown out.

An experienced attorney is able to recognize all of the possible constitutional issues in a police investigation and raise them in an effective manner. This can put the client in the best possible position for a successful resolution of their case.

Learn More About the Role of a Lincoln Sex Crimes Attorney

Many individuals facing sex crimes charges feel that everyone has turned against them, but the role of a Lincoln sex crimes attorney is to fight on behalf of the accused. Throughout the process, a diligent attorney can help make the decisions that can give the accused the best chance of a successful resolution of his or her case. From evaluating and fighting the prosecution’s evidence to asserting the defendant’s rights, a criminal attorney could provide an accused person with a critical advantage.

If you were accused of a sex crime, reach out to a trial-tested defense attorney at Berry Law today. A skilled lawyer could fight tirelessly to protect your interests. Call now for a consultation.

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