Many sex crimes carry the stamp of “sex offender” or “sexual predator” upon conviction. Those convicted are subject to scrutiny and suspicion wherever they live. Failing to comply with the complex sex offender registration rules results in new criminal charges.

If you are accused of a sexual offense in Nebraska, jail or prison is not the only worry. A felony conviction on your record is always a burden, and a sex offender label follows you for 10 years or a lifetime. It may be necessary to take your case to trial because of the harsh penalties and collateral consequences. The Lincoln sex crime attorneys of Berry Law forcefully and skillfully confront the prosecution’s case to give you a fighting chance.

Lincoln Sex Crimes Lawyers Who Understand What Is at Stake

A lengthy prison sentence awaits conviction for a major sex offense. But even if you are not incarcerated, sex offender registration is oppressive. It controls where you can live and what kinds of jobs you can have. Under the federal Adam Walsh Child Protection and Safety Act, offenders must notify local and state authorities every time they relocate and every time they change employment.

For example, a man convicted in California of a minor non-registrable sex offense learned the hard way that the conviction is a registrable offense in Nebraska. He was charged with a Class IV felony for failing to register even though he was not aware of the rule.

One of the problems we have seen come up more recently happen when a change is proposed to the sex offender registration acts. These changes are typically retroactive and can alter the sex offender registration requirements for individuals who have already been convicted of a sex offense.

Take Action to Mitigate the Consequences

Even the mere allegation and investigation for sex crimes can haunt you. The Department of Health and Human Services keeps a registry whether or not you are formally charged, which can affect employment or volunteer activities. In the age of the Internet, the allegation never goes away once you are charged.

The best recourse is to contact an attorney as early as possible. Our intervention sometimes convinces the prosecutor to drop the case or file lesser charges that do not require sex offender registration. Otherwise, our successful trial lawyers are prepared to aggressively defend you, including fighting for your freedom and your future at trial.

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