If you are facing school expulsion in Nebraska, you are likely entering a legal battle that could have a serious impact on your future. A college degree or graduate degree from a University helps you start your career on the right path, increases your earning potential, and connects you with other professionals in your field. However, a school expulsion could put an immediate halt to your plans and potentially ruin your career prospects for life. All the time, effort, and money you have already invested into your college education could be rendered useless. When the stakes are this high, you shouldn’t leave the outcome of a misconduct investigation or hearing up to chance. That is why it is important to contact an experienced Lincoln school expulsion attorney if you are facing suspension, probation, or removal for alleged academic misconduct.

At Berry Law, our team has experience fighting on behalf of students facing expulsion. We understand the importance of a college education and what is truly at risk when charges are brought against you. We have successfully helped students facing expulsion for code of conduct violations and Title IX allegations, leading to the reversal of University sanctions allowing clients to graduate with a clean academic record. By enlisting our legal team to fight by your side, you can better protect your rights and your future.

Do I Need an Attorney for a School Expulsion?

You always have the right to contact an attorney when you fear that your rights are being violated.  While some instances regarding code of conduct violations may not require the assistance of a dedicated Nebraska expulsion attorney, having an experienced lawyer on your side can prove beneficial in holding the University accountable. Our team will look at the aspects leading up to your expulsion, including the alleged misconduct, how the process has been handled, and the penalty procedures of the college. An attorney can also help shape the process going forward to ensure that the student has an opportunity to defend themselves.

The Possible Consequences Students Face

Everybody knows how beneficial a college degree can be to your career. The increase in employment opportunities and the chance of higher wages is well documented. But if you are a student facing expulsion for alleged misconduct, there is a lot more on the line than just being able to finish out your degree at the program of your choosing.

Older students may have problems transferring credits and may have to retake classes or take additional classes if they transfer to another school, increasing the total cost of their education. Students may also be prohibited from gaining their desired degree if their major is only offered by a few select Universities. An expulsion from the only University in the Midwest that offers your degree may stop you from obtaining that degree altogether. Furthermore, some Universities may look at why you were expelled in the first place and deny you entry based on the alleged academic misconduct. Expulsion from a University or college can be detrimental to your career and your future. A Nebraska school expulsion attorney from Berry Law will fight for you during every step of the expulsion process, helping you safeguard your academic and professional future.

The Expulsion Process

Although expulsions from individual Universities and colleges are often similar in general, each University has its own set of conduct and procedures that need to be followed when expelling a student. Often the student handbook from the University is the best place to look when determining if your rights are being respected and processes followed. The handbook might lay out the necessary course of action the college must take when determining if a student should be expelled. It should also explain what is considered academic misconduct and the possible penalties you will face. A Nebraska school expulsion lawyer could further explain the expulsion process.

Hiring a Lincoln School Expulsion Attorney from Berry Law

If you are facing school expulsion from a University or college throughout Nebraska, you may be in one of the most important battles of your life. An expulsion from a University can derail your professional career and decrease your future earning potential. A skilled Nebraska expulsion attorney will fight for you throughout the expulsion process, and sometimes even after, to ensure that your rights were not violated, and the University followed their own policy and procedures laid out in the academic code of conduct. If you would like to request the assistance of a lawyer for school expulsion in Nebraska, please contact us to schedule a consultation.

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