According to the Federal Trade Commission, identity theft is the No. 1 consumer complaint and has been increasing at an average of 11 percent a year since 2009. The most common forms of identity theft are government documents/benefits fraud, credit card fraud, phone or utilities fraud, bank fraud, employment fraud and loan fraud. Nebraska and other states have been focusing on increased law enforcement attention on these cases.

Given the potential consequences, anyone who has been contacted by law enforcement officers about the unlawful use of a financial transaction device (credit card fraud charges) or other type of identity theft should contact an experienced Lincoln credit card fraud lawyer at Berry Law before he or she talks to police or does anything else.

Established in 1965, Berry Law has earned a statewide and national reputation for excellence in criminal defense. With offices in Lincoln and Omaha, we represent people facing theft and fraud charges throughout Nebraska. Our law firm will take advantage of every opportunity to minimize the potential consequences you face.

Building a Strong Defense

Identity theft and unauthorized credit card use involving the use of a computer may be charged under Nebraska’s electronic crimes statute. Since these cases depend on technical evidence, it’s important to retain a law firm that has access to consultants and technology experts who can counter the state’s arguments and assert reasonable doubt. Our Lincoln credit card fraud lawyers take full advantage of strategic and procedural options for improving our clients’ position.

While preparing and presenting your defense, our Lincoln credit card fraud lawyers will also work to protect your future. Conviction of a theft crime can have a devastating effect on a person’s career and reputation. Our goal is not only to protect our clients from jail time but also from collateral effects on their life.

Talking to police without a lawyer could give police evidence they need to make an arrest.

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