Any attempt to defraud a health insurance provider through a false or faulty claim constitutes healthcare fraud in Nebraska. This offense is characterized by a deceptive attempt to unlawfully recover monetary benefits through a health insurance policy. Anyone facing charges for healthcare fraud can benefit from speaking with a skilled white-collar crimes attorney in our area.

In many cases, allegations of healthcare fraud against doctors or other medical professionals are the result of a misunderstanding or billing error. Fortunately, a dedicated Lincoln healthcare fraud lawyer at Berry Law can investigate your circumstances and work to prove that state and federal prosecutors brought charges which were not warranted.

Healthcare Fraud Laws in Lincoln

Nebraska’s Fraudulent Insurance Act defines healthcare fraud as the use of deception or deceit to defraud a health insurance provider. Certain charges are based on how the proceeds of a fraudulent health insurance claim are allegedly used (i.e. spending money intended for medical care on something else, embezzling or stealing funds directly from a healthcare company, etc.).

Some forms of healthcare fraud involve false insurance claims. This could include making false statements or exaggerating the effects of an injury during the claims process. False statements could be made by the person filing the claim or a third party attempting to assist with the alleged fraud.

Other healthcare fraud schemes are aimed at consumers. Examples include distributing fake health insurance policies, executing an insurance contract knowing it includes fraudulent information, and selling fraudulent health insurance plans to consumers.

Fortunately, a local attorney with Berry Law can help you fight against any healthcare fraud charges and protect your liberty. The lawyers at Berry Law have experience defending third-party entities from accusations of aiding or participating in healthcare fraud schemes, and they can represent your bests interests while fighting the charges.

Defending against Federal Charges

Not all healthcare fraud cases are processed in state court. Federal prosecutors also frequently bring healthcare fraud charges, particularly when the case involves a large monetary sum.

While there are multiple federal statutes that could apply in cases of healthcare fraud, prosecutors commonly rely on 18 United States Code §1347 to secure a conviction. This statute criminalizes any willful effort to defraud a healthcare benefit program. Whether or not a defendant acted willfully is therefore an important element in many healthcare fraud cases.

A healthcare fraud conviction also requires a materially false statement (i.e. a false or misleading statement or omission) that directly relates to the attempt to deceive a health insurance company. Our steadfast legal team can work to prove that you did not willfully intend to commit healthcare fraud.

Reach out to a Lincoln Healthcare Fraud Attorney Right Away

You have the right to defend yourself against allegations of healthcare fraud. Whether you were accused of embezzling funds, submitting false statements, or deceiving consumers, a well-practiced legal representative at Berry Law can aide in your defense.

Let a Lincoln healthcare fraud lawyer with Berry Law evaluate your case and advise you of your legal options. Call Berry Law today to schedule a confidential consultation.

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