Mortgage fraud charges could target industry insiders allegedly defrauding consumers as well as prospective homeowners attempting to unlawfully obtain housing. In either situation, the guidance of a knowledgeable Lincoln mortgage fraud lawyer can be vital to protecting your rights.

If you are facing allegations of mortgage fraud, the stakes are high as the potential penalties associated with mortgage fraud are severe. Discuss your defense options with a seasoned white-collar crimes attorney at Berry Law before settling on court-appointed legal representation.

Types of Mortgage Fraud

Mortgage fraud typically falls into 1 of 2 categories. While the first type of fraud is typically the primary focus for federal prosecutors, that does not mean the authorities will not pursue cases related to the second type. A well-versed Lincoln attorney experienced in defending mortgage fraud allegations can offer more insight on the differences between these types of fraud.

Fraud for Profit

Fraud for profit generally involves industry insiders (as opposed to consumers) and occurs when mortgage lenders and realtors, for example, use their knowledge and insight into the mortgage industry to facilitate unlawful financial gain. This could include collusion between two insiders to illegally increase the amount on a loan.

Accused of Committing Fraud to Obtain Housing

The second type of mortgage fraud involves consumers attempting to obtain housing through fraudulent means. Any steps a borrower takes to artificially inflate their chances of obtaining mortgage approval could result in fraud charges. Common examples include inflating income or asset information during the loan process.

Conversely, minimizing debts and other liabilities could also lead to mortgage fraud charges. Any intentional, false material statement that makes a mortgage lender more likely to accept an application is considered mortgage fraud by state prosecutors. If your mortgage fraud charges are the result of a mistake or misunderstanding, an attorney at Berry Law can help clear things up in a court of law.

Investigating Potential Defenses

After carefully reviewing the facts surrounding an allegation of mortgage fraud, a Lincoln attorney will build a strong defense strategy on your behalf. The best strategy will depend on the type of mortgage fraud charge you are facing as well as the evidence available in your case.

Your defense attorney will also examine the role of intent in your case. All forms of fraud are crimes of intent, which means establishing reasonable doubt in your intent to defraud anyone may lead to an acquittal.

Additionally, one of Berry Law’s dedicated legal advocates can help determine whether you were unknowingly a party to the alleged mortgage fraud scheme. In many cases, employees of the party actually responsible for the fraud unwittingly participate by notarizing documents or transmitting fraudulent material statements to mortgage lenders or consumers.

Speak with a Lincoln Mortgage Fraud Attorney Right Away

Working with an experienced criminal defense attorney on our team can greatly increase your chances of obtaining a favorable outcome in your mortgage fraud case, whether that be an acquittal or reduction of charges. If you are ready to pursue an aggressive defense, a skilled Lincoln mortgage fraud lawyer at our firm is ready to help. Call Berry Law as soon as possible to schedule a confidential case evaluation.

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