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Berry Law remains open during COVID-19
Berry Law remains open during COVID-19

Berry Law Firm handles complex white collar crime cases. We are noted for our case preparation and trial advocacy skills. Since 1965, we have represented hundreds of clients in Nebraska and in more than 20 states. Our law firm has the experience, advocacy skills and technical resources needed to handle the most complex white collar crime cases.

If you are the target of a grand jury investigation, or if you have been called before a grand jury, you are at grave risk. You should obtain legal representation from a Lincoln RICO lawyer as soon as possible.

Racketeering Defense

Racketeering charges often involve complex transactional chains. By direct and indirect evidence, the government will try to paint a coherent picture tying these transactions and the various players together.

Our Lincoln RICO attorneys will exhaustively analyze the factual and legal issues in your case to develop the optimal defense strategy. In this effort, we can draw upon the investigative and analytical skills of experts such as forensic accountants and other financial professionals to dispute the government’s case.

Getting Assistance From a Lincoln RICO Lawyer

Federal prosecutors demand lengthy prison sentences in white-collar crime cases. Berry Law Firm provides aggressive, results-driven representation in cases involving mail fraud, wire fraud and other white collar crimes. Our Lincoln RICO lawyers will work diligently to obtain the best possible outcome for you.

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