Unfortunately, sometimes severe injuries occur through no fault of your own. The cost of treating an injury can be overwhelming for many. When an accident is the result of another person’s reckless behavior, the injured party may seek monetary compensation from them to alleviate their financial burden.

If you were seriously injured by someone else’s carelessness, you could benefit from speaking with a determined attorney from Berry Law. A Sarpy County personal injury lawyer can help you measure your accident-related losses and pursue compensation from responsible parties on your behalf.

Types of Accidents

There are many types of accidents that could give rise to a personal injury claim in Sarpy County. The circumstances of an injury ultimately determine whether a legal claim is valid.

For example, a claimant’s injuries must be the result of another party’s negligence for him or her to collect compensation.

Common causes of personal injuries include:

These accidents could lead to serious and even life-threatening injuries. Regardless of how devastating an accident is, a plaintiff and his or her legal counsel must show that the defendant acted negligently in order to recover damages.

Available Compensation

The compensation awarded in a successful personal injury lawsuit could cover many accident-related expenses. In many cases, the costs associated with recovering from an injury can be overwhelming.

Recoverable damages may include the cost of medical devices, physical therapy, and any follow-up care that an injured plaintiff may need.

Compensation for a person’s physical pain and suffering may also be available in a civil lawsuit. Unlike medical bills, it could be challenging for a plaintiff to articulate and demonstrate the worth of their pain and suffering.

While it is simple to place a monetary value on medical care, every person may experience pain differently. Fortunately, a seasoned attorney from Berry Law can assist with measuring a claimant’s damages.

In many cases, an injured plaintiff will need to take time off work to recover. However, time away from work could place a person who is recovering from an injury under financial strain.

By filing a civil claim, an injured person can seek compensation for his or her time away from work after the accident as well as for any future missed wages due to his or her diminished earning capacity.

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Regardless of your injury’s severity, you are entitled to seek qualified legal counsel for help with obtaining compensation in civil claims court. You can learn a lot from a legal consultation with a professional. For instance, our team can help you discover the worth of your injuries and pursue maximum compensation in court on your behalf.

Do not face this process alone. Enlist the help of an aggressive trial lawyer who is familiar with litigating serious injury cases.

To ensure your claim receives the legal counsel it deserves, reach out to a Sarpy County personal injury lawyer from our firm and schedule a free consultation today.

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