Berry Law represents individuals charged with serious crimes in Seward, Nebraska. We understand that criminal charges can affect your career, your rights, and your future. While jail time and the possibility of a felony conviction are frightening, many people overlook the fact that a felony conviction or a conviction for domestic violence can prevent them from possessing a firearm, as well as from holding or maintaining certain professional licenses.

Criminal charges are life-altering. In most cases, the sooner a criminal defense attorney gets involved, the better. Contact our Seward criminal defense lawyers at Berry Law for immediate help.

Fighting Criminal Charges in Seward, Nebraska

Often, people charged with crimes simply want to get through the justice system with the least possible amount of damage. They want a quick and easy resolution. This is understandable; criminal charges are stressful. However, other people realize their reputations and futures are on the line and they are willing to do whatever it takes to fight the charges that have been made against them. At Berry Law, our criminal defense attorneys help set client goals early in the process in order to plan a strategy that will most likely achieve these goals, whatever they may be.

In some instances, the criminal defense strategy will revolve around whether or not law enforcement’s conduct was legal and whether or not evidence should be thrown out. In other instances, it comes down to whether or not the witnesses and/or accusers are telling the truth. Sometimes it will come down to analyzing evidence such as cell phones, social media accounts, electronic messages, DNA, and fingerprints.

The burden is always on the government to prove the case beyond a reasonable doubt. Berry Law holds the government to the highest standard.

Contact Berry Law Now: The Sooner the Better

Sometimes, when people are charged with crimes, they are scared, embarrassed, and don’t know what to do. They realize the situation is serious, but they don’t feel comfortable discussing it with anyone. However, with over 50 years of experience to our names, we know that the sooner a criminal defense lawyer gets involved in a case, the better. Berry Law has worked criminal cases in which early involvement and independent investigation resulted in charges never being filed. In other instances, we’ve been involved in cases where the accused made poor decisions prior to hiring an attorney, irrevocably harming their defense.

Our Seward criminal defense lawyers have been protecting the rights and futures of clients since 1965. If you or a loved one has been accused of a crime in Seward, Nebraska or a surrounding area, contact Berry Law to discuss your options.

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