Dog bites and other attacks from animals can cause severe and permanent injuries. Dog bites can cause scarring, infection, and emotional trauma. A Bellevue dog bite lawyer can explain your legal rights to compensation if you were injured by someone else’s canine.

Treating dog bites can be expensive. You may incur substantial expenses for medical treatment, surgical procedures, and ongoing psychological therapy following a dog attack. By consulting with a personal injury attorney from Berry Law, you can recover damages for your injuries.

Dog Owner Liability in Bellevue

Nebraska Revised Statutes §54-601 establishes the legal responsibility of dog owners for any injuries that their pets cause to others. Generally, owners are strictly responsible for any injuries or damages that their dogs cause. Unlike other personal injury actions, victims of canine attacks do not have to prove any negligence on the part of the owner to recover compensation.

The only exception to an owner’s strict liability is if the injured person was trespassing. Individuals who do not have permission to be on someone else’s property at the time of a dog attack would not be eligible to receive compensation. As a result, dog owners do not owe a duty of care to trespassers and therefore have no liability for their injuries.

Many pet owners have coverage for damages or injuries caused by their dogs through their homeowners’ insurance policies. If an owner does not have insurance, he or she may be held personally liable for damages caused by his or her dog. Nonetheless, a dog bite attorney in Bellevue can fight for compensation.

Damages in Dog Bite Cases

The costs associated with treating dog bites can be expensive. You may require several rounds of treatment, including skin grafts, plastic surgery, and other medical procedures to effectively treat dog bite injuries. Physical therapy may also be required, depending on the site of the injuries, and you may suffer permanent impairment as a result of a canine attack. With the guidance of a Bellevue attorney, you can get the financial support that you need during this difficult and stressful time.

Steps to Take after a Canine Attack

Individuals who have been injured by a dog while on public property should take immediate steps to protect their legal rights. The first step always should be to get emergency medical treatment, as well as any necessary follow-up care. By following the orders of the treating physician, injury victims can maximize their physical and mental recovery, while at the same time supporting their need for compensation to pay for their treatment.

Medical analysis may be needed to determine whether treatment for rabies is necessary. Finally, identifying the owner of the dog and getting his or her contact and insurance information can make the process of filing a claim for compensation much easier.

Talk to a Bellevue Dog Bite Attorney for Guidance

If you, a family member, or a close friend has suffered injuries in a canine attack, you will likely need legal advice and guidance about your rights. You may be able to collect compensation for your injuries. However, you should contact a Bellevue dog bite lawyer as quickly as possible to ensure that your rights are protected.

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