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Though drug problems are not often an issue in Lancaster, recent drug busts may have brought the issue to the forefront of people’s minds. When many think of drug busts it often involves jail time. However, when it comes to those who face drug charges, the potential consequences are often much heavier than people are prepared to face.

This is the potential case for five men from Cincinnati, who were recently arrested at the end of a six month long investigation that landed each man with quite a few charges by the end. The bond hearing of the five men took place on Christmas day. By the end of the investigation, police had also turned up $25,000, 55 firearms and thousands of rounds of ammunition to go with it, and 316 pounds of marijuana.

Though the charges they may face if charged guilty are unknown, they have several charges to be concerned about that include intent of distribution, drug possession and drug trafficking. In addition to the five who were arrested for their direct involvement, two others also face punishment for tampering with evidence after being arrested on an open warrant. More arrests might follow.

When drug-related charges start stacking up in the way they did in the case of these five men, the potential consequences can get very ugly. They can range from extremely heavy fines to long bouts of jail time. In order to avoid running into such hefty penalties, it might be to your benefit to seek the aid of an experienced attorney if you are in a similar situation.

Source: WLWT5, “ 316 pounds of pot, 55 guns, $25K seized, 7 arrested in multi-home SWAT raid” Dec. 24, 2013

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